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Ahmed BEKKI from Turkey message

Ahmed BEKKI from Turkey message
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When i visited the website of CAR FROM JAPAN for the first time, i remember very well that i was very happy to discover again and again the performance, the sense of duty, the innovation and the perfection of the Japanese cars industry.
All the world recognize the best quality & the total comfort of the Japanese cars even if it is used.
Personnaly, i prefer buy a Japanese used car instead of buying another new one, of course unless if it is Japanese.
I remember very well that my grand father used to say each time he spoke about cars of the world, he offen used this words: The Japanese cars are the cars of the futur world.
I grow up and i understand the meaning of the words of my grand father.
Today i am participating with CAR FROM JAPAN competition, i hope win the prize, but for me the big price is discover this amazing website and knowing more and more about the Japanese cars industry.

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