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witness ivon from Tanzania message

witness ivon from Tanzania message
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Dear Hana Yurimoto,

Its realy a pleasure to enter into this competition. First of all I would like to congratulate you and the whole Car from Japan Team for the tremendous job you are doing. The Japan Used car has been great usefull for the low income earners, You have been providing the affordable but durable cars for the needy, Keep that up.
Your support through online sells has been among the major reasons as to why the Car from Japan have been performing better in the world’s car market.
These kind of competitions just adds you and the team the credits and popularity of which will even bring you more potential customers in the near future.
I, Witness is just a mere youth living in Tanzania, I had my First degree in the year 2014 and currently working with a foreign company in my home country. I do not have any kind of transport now due to some financial limits, I wish to win in this competition so that i can have a car of my own which I believe will support me in my day to day activities. I also as just a young girl I believe if I to be the winner in this competition will be a great ambassador of your products and company in general. After I heard of this competition I have shared this news with my colleagues and friends, which I will keep on doing from now onwards. I just hope I will gain enough points to qualify being the winner because I really need the car now than ever. I am still very energetic and with open mind of which will enable me sharing the word of your company to different people in my daily life encouters. Though I am employed as I mentioned before I also do some small agribusiness activities of which I supply diffent people with agro products, thus If I to win the car from Cars from Japan I will be able to expand my delivery points to even more clients because I will have a reliable transpory unlike nowdays which sometimes I pay more money for hired trucks.
Lastly I would like to encourage you and the whole Car from Japan Team to keep on doing good stuffs, sharing such give aways just adds you credits and will bring you success to the company. The support and prizes you have been giving to the winners of past competitions just verifies how much you keep your word and just how much people keep on entrusting you!! in my country the used cars from Japan have been a great support of the Small and Medium enterprises whom rely on the cheap priced cars in running their day to day activities. In other words I can say that used cars from Japan has helped to boost the country economy in one way or the other. Your reliable services, your accountable spares have been a huge support towards the low income earners communities.
As I said ealier I will keep sharing the good news about the Cars from Japan even if I won’t qualify being the winner in this competition because I understand there might be people who will have gained more points than what I have, and be more qualified as winners.
I wish you all the best in your daily operatins, and I hope to hear more news about your products in the future.

Best Regards,
Witness, Tanzania

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