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Wisdom Reuben from Tanzania message

Wisdom Reuben from Tanzania message
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There are alot of reasons for you to choose me as your winner, but here are some of the most important reasons

  1. Car from Japan is not a famous company compare to other companies which are in same industry here in Africa.
    So selecting me as your winner your company will be able to

    1. Branding your company name; car from Japan company will be able to brand its name in East and Central Africa and alot of people will know about the company's products and services.
       2. Gain people's faith ; throug my winning car from Japan will also gain people's faith who always afraid to buy a car from new companies. So through my winning alot of people will starting having faith in your company
      3. Also by selecting me as a winner it will help your company car from Japan to be in a good market position compare to other company here in East and Central Africa market.
  2. Second reason, as you know winner never stop talking so by sellecting me as the winner of this competition i will be your media, symbol, representative by publishing and talking more of your company and the quality of your goods and services.
    Also as you know people want to hear from some one who has some thing or experience some thing rather than empty words so by winning this price i can face big audience and talk about your company..

Thanks alot..

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