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wilbert orina ombaba from Kenya message

wilbert orina ombaba from Kenya message
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A Car from Japan the best option.thanks I wish i would be picked as a winner for a car from Japan since I always admire Japanese vehicles because of their good quality and durability especially on kenyan roads which are always muddy.Anyway i like car from Japane . The Japanese are amongst the most technological advanced people in the world ,hence produce the best cars which compete with others from the world.Anyway I like car from japan.I wish I would win one.Even a second hand car from japan is strong and durable and it can operate and persist all the muddy roads.Car from Japan is easily repairable if it develops any mechanical problem since the tools are easily available in the shop’s.Furthermore Car from Japan is comfortable hence a person does not get tired when traveling long distances.Anyway I like car from japan because of comfort.In terms of speed, car from Japan is an exceptional .A car from japan travels at a high speed and can make one to reach his/her destination in time.Furthermore Car from japan accommodates all drives,that is both the right and left hand drives.More so with the coming to the market of automatic vehicles even a one legged man can drive a car from japan.Anyway a car from Japan accommodates all people in the world.I like car from Japan .If a person asked me about a car from Japan,this is what I will explain to him.A car from japan is the best because it operates automatically.First it has a censor which makes the driver not even to knock something in front or behind because the Car switches itself off automatically .In case of an accident Car from Japan has an airbag which prevents the driver from any damage.The side mirrors of car from japan are automatically operated.There is also a camera up the drivers seat which shows or reflects anything behind the vehicle so that the driver does not knock it when he/she is reversing the vehicle.Both doors of a car from Japan are automatically operated.Invade the vehicle has any mechanical problem ,a car from Japan senses automatically and informs the driver.I f there is a pothole a few kilometres ahead a car from Japan senses and informs the driver.Further more a car from japan is very stable on the road.By all means the wheels are balanced to make it stable.I like a car from Japan.If someone asked me ,why car from Japan .I have several reasons to answer him or her.Car from japan whether used or new has the ability to stay stable and longer on the market.If a Japanese used car is bought and tested on the road,still it can operate and run like a new one.The reason is that Japanese cars are made of quality items.In terms of speed a used car from japan can as well compete with a new vehicle because of its good speed.Furthermore a used car from Japan can longer and longer be case the producer’s take into account all weather conditions.If a win a car from Japan I will be able to show and tell my friends that this bet is recall and true.Most people tend to believe that most of the betting is conning.If I am picked as the winner then I will prove them wrong.In terms of comfort Car from japan exceeds others.You can travel long distances without being bored while using car from JapanThis us because Car from Japan has a safety belt and comfortable sofa seats which makes one relaxed as he or she travels.A car from japan has a well balanced steer ring a well oiled engine and good gears.If one is driving an automatic Car from japan he or she will have easy time because the gears will automatically engage themselvesThat means the driver will not use a lot of energy to engage the gears since they are automatic.The driver will only concentrate on the steer ring hence be able to take care of other road users.Eve though we have other cars in the market a car from japa equally competes with them.Cars fro German and England compete with Japanese vehicles and actually the Japanese vehicles especially the Toyota’s are ahead of them .In most African countries like most the roads are not tarmarked.The only vehicles which make it on these roads are the Toyota’s which are manufactured in japan.If you visit Kenyan rural areas you will be surprised to realise that most of the vehicles are Toyota’s which are used to ferry people to and fro interior regions.That gives a credit for Toyota’s which is brand from japan,hence a car from Japan carries the day.In terms of durability the Japanese vehicles stay for a long time.In Kenya we have Toyota’s which were manufactured in the year’s of 70s and 80s but are still in the Kenyan roads.Even though they are old but they still operate.That is a credit to the japanese people be case they make durable vehicles.As I have said again In terms of efficiency ,car from japan is very efficient.Gears accelerate efficiently ,the dashboard shows every system in the vehicle whether it is properly working or whether there is a mechanical problem.Such an efficient system enables the driver to know exactly what the vehicle requires before the start of the journey.If there is any mechanical problem a car from Japan can easily detect and reflect it on the dashboard.Anyway I like car from japan.As we approach the new year 2016and as a Christmas offer I will be happy to be a winner of car from japan.I will appreciate and respect the decision of the organizers of this great event.Thank you and may you be blessed.

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