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Wellington Mikundi from Malawi message

Wellington Mikundi from Malawi message
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Picking me as a winner in this competition will bring light to my family and entire community. I will be able to make distant trips with my church pastor to minister to people in remote areas, thereby spreading the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to many and saving Souls. It will also ease mobility when it comes to visiting my parents who stay 700 Kilometers away from where am living.
Cars from Japan are good for Malawi’s roads and last long. Spares can be found easily and motor vehicle technicians in Malawi find it easier to repair cars from Japan than any other country. Cars from Japan would not stop at any time i.e breakdown. The vehicles that are bought from Japan will take a couple of months to a year later or so without experiencing problems with it, and you will always find that the you purchased the right choice!

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