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Waqas Muzaffar from Pakistan message

Waqas Muzaffar from Pakistan message
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Thank you Hana for the good words,I feel honored be part of this campaign.

  • You should pick me because I am a car enthusiast and always interested to know about cars new and old.Due to financial crisis I use motorbike but I can afford fuel for car.Here in Pakistan there’s a famous website,I daily visit it to be updated about cars.I always wonder,about 165000 cars are produced everyday and I don’t even have one.”Cars I can’t afford but fantasize about”
  • Car From Japan is the most user friendly cars importing website I have seen online.Very wide range of vehicles from top notch to affordable ones are in stock.Representatives seems to be cooperative,Chief Marketing Officer of Car From Japan herself messaged me and that’s the best example to know how much attention you give us. Love you Car From Japan

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