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Victor winjila from Kenya message


Amazing,wonderful,beautiful and always good timing. What can I say about a car from Japan;what exactly can I fail to reveal about Japanese used cars? Let’s even keep aside the new ones for a while. Japanese used cars are life you miss them on the streets in your vicinity I can assure you that you will starve to death. Japanese used cars are like water and food. You always need them. 70% of my life am walking along the streets in Nairobi Kenya since I do sales and marketing. Every car I see ahead of me,sideways and at my back is a Toyota,a Hyundai…. name them. Out of all Toyota leads. I have never been to Japan but my Geography teacher told me that Toyota is a town in Japan. Whenever I see a Toyota this Japan rings my memory. Indeed I can assure you that Japan rules the Kenyan roads and motor markets. To prove right try and reach I bet no argument.
Toyota leads others follow. Even though am a lowly Kenyan, I always dream to drive a Toyota. That’s my dream when I grow up. Ha ha ha don’t ask me how old I’m just know that I can grow even tomorrow. Yah just as soon as I begin driving a Toyota next minute. Dear you reading this, I can assure that non of the other brands of vehicles is trusted in its used or second hand state if it is not from Japan. If anyone has been saving some cash to purchase a vehicle in Kenya then automatically a brand from Japan. Easy go access,spare parts readily available, easy to maintain, affordable prices,fuel savers,strong, available in all your preferences……..
Generally they are all you need. If you have a car from Japan then you are a worth it. You are amongst renown heroes. If you have no one but planning to purchase one then a car ? from Japan is all you need. Good luck as you go for that used or new Car from Japan. Go for that Toyota,go for that Nissan,go for that car that won’t stress you. Don’t go elsewhere my friend, my colleague ,my family and I will always go for that car that we love….. It is a car from Japan wether used or not go for that Japanese car ??.

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