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Valentine Nduku Musyoki from Kenya message

Valentine Nduku Musyoki from Kenya message
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My name is Valentine Nduku Musyoki.
I am a single mum and a full time student at the same time.
My daughter is three years old and has just started school. The reason I would be the best person to be picked as the winner of Japanese used car is that I know that car from Japan is the best car makers in the world. Your cars are simply amazing, upto standard. I would love to be able to drop my daughter in school in the morning without the hustle of catching the bus and ending up late for classes. Or getting stuck in traffic, crowded buses. I would love to give her the best life I can. Being a musician as well travelling happens quite a lot so it would help me with getting to my different classes on time (our classes happen on campus and outside the town) Not only would I be able to save up money wise but on time as well. My brother also has a new born baby, everything they take her to hospital they have to rent a taxi, I would love to step in and help out with the amazing BMW X6 that I pray to win from Japanese used car.
Everytime I see a BMW X6 I get so excited and always end up squeaking and then I tell myself it’s going to be a great day today, you can only imagine what would happen if I won myself that beautiful and gorgeous baby. Especially one made in Japan. That is simply a blessing placed directly in one’s hand by God himself.
I think that Car from Japan is simply amazing. Having such a competition is quite generous and giving the competitors the choice to chose the kind of car they would like to win is simply placing their dreams in their hands.
My fingers are crossed about this competition. Already dreaming about weekend drives to visit my grandma who I rarely visit because I don’t like travelling with my daughter on a bus frequently but with a gift of the car the family can meet up, pick up my big brother and his family and drive up country for a weekend of family re union. My reason for getting this car the reason I deserve to win this car is that u want to spread love with it. Get my family closer and give my daughter the princess life she deserves.
We competitors are grateful to Hana Yurimoto and Car from Japan.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Be blessed and thank you for the opportunity whether I win or not I love the fact that someone else’s dream has come true and that I was given a chance to take part in it.

May Car from Japan Prosper.

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