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Valdez Baptiste from St. Lucia message


Season’s Greetings to all of Car From Japan. I would like to take this opportunity to first introduce myself. I am Valdez Baptiste, 18 years old. I currently attend college pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering. The reason I chose the mechanical engineering field is because of cars. From a very young age cars got my attention. At about 6 years old I decided I was going to become a race car driver. I was just fascinated by cars. At about 9 years old, I could just watch any car and identify the make and model and specs. I love Japanese cars, from coupe to sedan, to SUV and pickup. Also, the fuel consumption rating of Japanese vehicles makes it more appealing to drive and own one. I am a big fan of Toyota, Lexus, I like the 2002 Soarer also known as Lexus SC430, the 2002 Aristo also known as Lexus GS300 and 2002 Altezza known also as Lexus IS200. It is like I grew up amongst all those Japanese cars because here in St.Lucia most imports are Japanese. At about 15 years old I decided I was going to pursue a career with what interests me. I am looking forward to opening a car accessory depot, a custom, maintenance and repair shop where people wouldn’t get ripped off. Due to the expenses of school I have not been able to get one of the cars of my dreams.
So I would like to take this opportunity given by Car From Japan to request one of my dream cars. All I want for xmas is a 98-05 Toyota Altezza. This car has all I am looking for, it’s sporty with a bit of luxury. My dad owned one when I was about 11 years old. From first sight I fell in love with this car. It was white with an aero kit and aftermarket rims. I remember going for a test drive in it with my dad, that was when I experienced my first sensation of ‘butterflies’ in the stomach. After about a year, because of his occupation, he needed a pick up for work. Unfortunately he sold the car. I was heart-broken. That day I promised myself I was going to get one.
If I am chosen as the winner, I will not just be winning a car, it will be more than that to me. I will be reunited with a part of me I lost. I have so many fond memories of this car. I cannot wait to own my first car. This car will be like a prize possession to me. I feel like this promotion from CarFromJapan is developing a relationship between the two of us. From the welcoming remarks from Ms.Hana Yurimoto, I would like to thank her. They made me feel very welcomed and comfortable. I guarantee that I will be the best representative to your sponsors.If I am chosen as the winner, to show my appreciation, I will have the CarFromJapan logo printed on it. I thank you for this opportunity and I would like to wish all of CarFromJapan a Merry Xmas and a Productive New Year.

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