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tumbo kabona from Tanzania message

tumbo kabona from Tanzania message
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My name is Tumbo Kabona, i am Tanzanian, i studied public relations and marketing for three years, i think this is the first reason to why you should select me first, because i know how to publicize and advertise the company to the large public, and that i will be a good ambassador of your company.
car from japan is not well known to our country especially in some region, like Tabora, Mwanza, and Shinyanga. if you will select me i promise to give you thanks by spreading your company name around these regions, car from apan arouse te new views of people on te Japanese used cars, now people come to know the company fast and willingly, but the company alone can not stand on this, there is great need of having marketing officers who can transfer information about the company in certain geographical area, but it is not the matter of any person, but professional person who can ensure efficiency on spreading the good name of car from Japan and foster the direct sales

I appreciate cars from japan in terms of quality and good morphology, they always fit the ages, and classes of people. congratulation for that
car from japan especially Japanese used cars, saturate the desire of many third world people of having a car for fast moving here and there in there day to day activities, thus to rise te production level in any sector within the country

car from japan promote individual development, and reduce the number of unemployed, since people get self employment from them, by involving themselves in daradara work; which involve carrying people from one point to another, also transportation of harvest to the market

I hope you will select me as the winner of this prizes, and you will enjoy my support to you

Thank you in advance for selecting me as the winner of this prize

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