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Tinavapi Tapera from Zimbabwe message

Tinavapi Tapera from Zimbabwe message
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car from japan have affordable prices and also if i win i will be the ambassador of car from japan , i will spread the news like i am trying to do at the moment so that people can see how best your prices are . Currently zimbabwe is being ranked as one of the biggest used car exporter in the african continent . Being the ambassador for you means you can have more customers through advertising i will be doing and that’s means high turnover for you in terms of business there by making profits . At the moment most people in zimbabwe who have cars have bought them locally why ? because most people are scared of getting their hard earned money stolen .So by explaining to them as a testimony will give them assurance that your are genuine and trust will start building between you and the customers thereby creating more customer base ,and also to let them know how cheap it is to import a car on your own than to buy a car locally . Customers will save more . Also on that note of advertising , i think you should also try to do cheaper means of communication like whatsapp since most people are familiar with whatsapp than any other means of communication , that way you can reach more people , and also use of stickers ,banners t shirts hats or caps because the more the people read and talk about the more they can be comfortable in you doing business with them
Thank you very much for your time and wish you the best of luck in creating a bigger customer base

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