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Tinashe Mazhura from Zimbabwe message


The Car – memory of my Dad’s dream!!!

Back in the 90’s I was just a kid doing my primary school. My Dad was a Primary School Headmaster. He had an Isuzu truck but was always giving him mechanical problems. So sometimes he would use a bicycle to go to work. It was hurting me that my Dad’s earnings were not enough to buy a new vehicle even a used vehicle which would be consistent when it comes to holidays visiting our grandpa’s.

So by then my Dad had just joined St John’s which was running a competition of winning BMW vehicles. Three vehicles and other various prices had to be won every year. I would always hope and pray that one day he would receive a mail that he has won a car cautious of St John’s Competition. Unfortunately, that moment never came. It was just a dream not come true. He passed away in 1999 when I just 10 years old and all hopes were blown away.

After finishing university two years ago, I started looking for a job hoping that when I secure one then I would fulfil my dream and my Dad’s dream. Unfortunately, the job hunting was just fruitless. Last year just before December, I was surfing the Internet looking for a job. I came across the Christmas Giveaway competition on one of the social network pages run by CarFromjapan. I couldn’t believe it since my Dad had entered such competition back then but never won.

On my way home, the thought of commuting every day hit me. I heard some people behind me talking about buying a vehicle through CarFromjapan. They talked about the nice cars and services offered by CarFromjapan. I recalled the competition I had came across on social network and made a decision in my mind that the next day I was going to enter that competition to fulfil my Dad’s hopes of owning a BMW vehicle which he had always wanted. So the next day I board a bus to town, and went straight to the Internet cafe. I went through their website, stock, pricing and quality of cars they sell. I was quite impressed and had no reason not to enter the competition for that chance of a lifetime. Last year I didn’t manage to win but this year it’s my time to win a car for my Dad (late) and family. Thank you CarFromjapan I have renewed my hopes and I am going to own it. I’ll always refer you to my friends and relatives about the quality of services you have on offer. Thank you CarFromjapan for bringing this to Zimbabwe. You should set up a team for Zimbabwe to reach customers. There is business in Zimbabwe. I would want to be part of you, working under CarFromjapan because of the exciting services you have to offer.

You’ve Got To Be In It, To Win It!!!

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