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thomas reuben mollel from Tanzania message


I’am the lover of Japanese technology especially the automobiles. Getting a chance to be rewarded one will be a great joy to me. Beside that i have a vision of stating a travel company basing on ecotourism. Getting a free vehicle from Japan will boost my plan towards having my own company.
Most cars from Japan are best cars one can buy and enjoy its durability, performance and comfort. The most thing i like about them is that they are not complex, easy to get spare parts at reasonable price. Japanese cars are cars for Africa, they take consideration of our economy, they are much cheaper when compared with cars from Europe, USA,… It is just a mater of choice you can choose the strong one, a truck, a bus, a tax, any make you desire depending on the amount of money you have. It is ok to me that sometimes i like also to try cars from Europe, that is ok to me but i know they are expensive, while i can get the same value fro e.g. Toyota Japan.
Int-ems of transportation Japanese vehicles are turning to be more environmental friendly due to increased fuel consumption efficiency, I LIKE IT this way. I f it comes to me that someone want to buy a car for the first time and want my advice, i will advice BUY A CAR FROM JAPAN. I will be able to give him or her several comparative advantages on decision to buy a car from Japan. Ok for now

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