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Tebao Temarawa from Kiribati message

Tebao Temarawa from Kiribati message
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Hello! My name is Tebao Temarawa and I should be picked because I have once been a customer and still a fan of Japanense used car particularly in the Toyota and some other models, after my first car from Japan of a used 2000-Toyota-Premio-Corona with very good condition and quality from Picknbuy. Now I am looking for a newer and cheaper model from a different company such as Car From Japan in looking for a more quality and cheaper price. Car From Japan has not yer known and popular in our country and would need some kind of promotions and/or sharing of testimonies of the products to friends. I have no doubt that car from Car From Japan will have the same or better quality and services compared to other dealers as the parts are genuinely made and registered in Japan. Hope that Car From Japan will continue to increase its popularity in the Pacific and the World in the future after this promotion campaign but more if one could walk away with a car prize in his country with names of the company and services on it.
Two most important things are matter when buying a Car From Japan or Japanese used car and that is TRUST and QUALITY even if you ordered a used one.
As for myself I liked all cheaper Toyota models more than others. Toyota to me is more like choosing the right partner although there were so many new hybrid models being developed along with Toyota with similar or better quality and designs. The fact is that I never know the difference as I could only buy one car every 3 or more years so that why I always choose Toyota.
Car From Japan is a recognized and professional car dealer in Japan. This can only be experienced after you order one system from it. Any google quick search by these key key words; “Japanese used car” or “Japanese used car” will lead you to its website where you can see list prices of cars and start order. The order system and page is professionally made and presented which allows a customer to quickly browse any car and estimate its total cost.
The only thing you need to do I guess as the customer after placing order and payment is to wait at the port at a suggested time schedule to pick up your car not to mention the difficulties associated with some ports. With companies like Car From Japan you have a 100% chance that you will receive your order with no fake since honesty is Japan’s top priority and is part of the culture.
Last but not least I would like to give an important message that if I win this Xmas Car Giveaway 2015 I will continue to promote the name of the company by all its name “Car From Japan” and/or “Japanese used car” and services to all my friends in the Pacific and some part of the world. One of my secret dream is to set up a local webpage for a Rental Car Service at Home and could use cars from Car From Japan and try to connect the local people and communities in the Pacific to Car From Japan. This is really a challenge to many people in the Pacific especially for less developed countries like Kiribati and its nearby sister countries with scattered islands but with a high demand of cars from Japan with less access and skill to use the internet – this is one area that the company can develop and look in the future which can work closely with the most influential people involved in this campaign whom they think they trust the most to help them spread more about the company name and reputation. The important thing is that once the company is established and trusted through its local counterpart’s continuous promotion and support, its name will continue to be recognized and would soon replace the name those dealers already known and established in the country. This will in the long term increase not only the companies profit and sales but its long life relationship and trust by the people. Thus this can be seen as a great chance to win or an opportunity for Car From Japan to connect to the untouched and isolated islands in the Pacific Ocean who have been there waiting for the right company to serve their needs and great demands for cheaper used cars from Japan.

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