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Tawanda from Zimbabwe message

Tawanda from Zimbabwe message
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You should pick me as the winner because am a loyal customer and am also a Zimbabwean agent who delivers cars from Daresalam to Harare Zimbabwe increasing the willingness of people to buy cars from japan because of my world class competence leading to the safe delivery of vehicles. The journey takes me 2 days to travel the 1500km sometimes less if nonstop. This quick delivery of vehicles has also led to people being more drawn to buying Japanese cars because of reliability and efficiency they provide. I have been working with ex UK cars and I faced difficulties especially on the issue concerning car performance and condition. Car from Japan will have its vehicles serviced and this is proved by the ability of the cars to travel all those kilometres from Tanzania to Zimbabwe crossing game parks and dark forests without any fault. This has made me shift from any other car seller and only use car from Japan. I am somehow an ambassador here for people ask me where to buy cars and i myself refer them to car from Japan. I wouldnot like my image to be painted black as a known car dealer myself. In my country because of the shortage of jobs car dealing is the only way out. Peolpe come and I explain to them about the car they want and I also then get a job to collect the car for them. I have a team we are three guys in the early twenties and winning this competition will boost our business and will help us expand to other cities so as to provide fast and quality centered delivery of cars to our customers. We would also want to be a country wide recognized supplier of Japanese cars spare parts due to the rise of Japanese cars in the country. I myself as a well known deliverer of cars people come to me asking for spare parts so I already have a market already. The loyalty I have from my clients will result in them having trust in the parts I would deliver to them and having a well known supplier the demand for Japanese cars will increase rapidly. Many people come to me and they are afraid of buying some models car from Japan offers just because of the fear of not getting parts locally that are genuine. If am to win the competition I will then eliminate the fear imposed in people and have capital to deliver the parts to people and earn a living and also building a name as well as being an ambassador for car from Japan

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