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Tariro Cheryl Mtasa from Zimbabwe message

Tariro Cheryl Mtasa from Zimbabwe message
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I would like to thank Car from Japan for this wonderful competition as it has been my aspiration to interact with you hopefully win a vehicle. I am excited about this competition as it is my opportunity to showcase my marketing skills as i spread the word and get CAR FROM JAPAN out there to all my collegues and friends.
I believe should win a car from CAR FROM JAPAN due to the following reasons.
I am living in HARARE ZIMBABWE, this country has got no vehicles manufacturing industries, so all of the vehicles here are imported, and vast majority of imported vehicles are from JAPAN, but unfortunately most of the people here (the place I am living) have no or if any little knowledge about CAR FROM JAPAN as a Japanese Car Exporter. People do import yes but mainly from other exporters and there is little knowledge of CAR FROM JAPAN. It is my belief that if win a vehicle many people here will have knowledge about existence of this company.

Apart from people’s little knowledge about the company, most of the cars which are imported are not coming from CAR FROM JAPAN this means CAR FROM JAPAN is not as popular as the other Japanese Car Exporters.There are exporters that have aggresively penetrated our markets but are not as good or reliable as CAR FROM JAPAN So I believe by winning the vehicle people will have an opportunity to know alternative Japanese Car Exporter, I want CAR FROM JAPAN to be the dominant car exporter in Zimbabwe and i believe i can take the brand very far by being the face of the brand in Zimbabwe also through the company’s logo which is usually at the rear of the vehicle as well i believe as i will be moving around people will get a chance to see the Logo and get curious and ask. I will be polite enough to explain and to refer them to CAR FROM JAPAN and its website.
I should win a car from CAR FROM JAPAN because this will be as an advertisement of the Company to the country and specifically Harare which is a big city whereby a lot of people will have an opportunity to know more about the company.Also my job gives me the opportunity to travel around the city and also to other small towns and big cities so i will also have the chance to put brand awareness not only in my city but in other towns as well because the car will carry a logo of CAR from Japan at the back
I believe CAR FROM JAPAN is really a destination of people who need high quality cheap used vehicles, I am saying this because I have gone through various Used Japanese Car Exporters Companies and found that in comparison, CAR FROM JAPAN vehicles prices are extremely cheap and also the website is user friendly and easy to browse. Not to mention it is extremely easy to sign up and and start shopping.
Lastly, I believe it is possible to make fast deals with CAR FROM JAPAN because it is easy to make communications with the company and receive responses as soon as possible through their sales officers like Hana and others, so in this company there is no time wasting or any delaying in making deals.

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