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tahya shabani bakari from Tanzania message

tahya shabani bakari from Tanzania message
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Hi am tahya from Tanzania, first of all am happy to participate in this competition, we all know that Japan is One of the country that is also famous for making best and quality cars in the world with a quantity,,and i would like to win this prize so i can enjoy to drive the best car which made from famous place in the world Japan and also if i shall win a car i will promote to my friends who deals with clearing and fowarding companies to deal with a vehicles from japan because they got a good engenees and contains with a hard bodies and its safe in case an accident happen they have baloons for preventing a person to have damages.Most of people in my country are using cars from japan because japan’s car they can Survive on rough roads and even a normal person can own a car from japan because they use normal amount of oil,,thats why i wish to win this car i hope i will manage to own it

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