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sylivester robert from Tanzania message

sylivester robert from Tanzania message
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first am very gladly to enter to this competition .I would like to say thanks to miss Hana Yurimoto CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER and also CAR FROM JAPAN and those who support this competition with honor also my complement will go to GOD who give me strength and courage to participate in this competition without him i couldn’t afford to participate on this competition .so its my pleasure this competition will continue to happens more and more so as to encourage us to continue participate which will influence many countries including my country TANZANIA to increase number of participants to the next year .also i would like to be your ambassador to represent my country through promoting and innovate more advertisement so as to encourage many Tanzanian to buy your products through my social networks eg facebook ,twitter ,yahoo in this will help to rise number of participants as well as customers.I hope through your cooperation we will build the world with better products and cheap price.Thank you again

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