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Steven Fanuel Masebo from Tanzania message

Steven Fanuel Masebo from Tanzania message
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i like cars from japan and i believe that this competition i will be the winner and i can thank the company from japan to bring this competition that will make many people from different countries to be attracted with japanese used car and i think this competition will published all over the world about Japanese used car to be marketable.Millions of people are still demanding and use Japanese used car especially African countries like Nigeria,Malawi,Kenya,Tanzania,Uganda, Zambia, Ethiopia, Sudan,Rwanda, Mozambique etc.Tanzania is the one of the country where there is so many people whose use Japanese used car and people still demanding vehicles from japan every day. For this competition i believe that those prize will be for Tanzanian people because of the number of participation in this competition and i can say most of Tanzanian people like to use Japanese used cars not only luxuries even heavier duties vehicles are needed in Tanzania for industries eg in mining area. If you walk on the roads in Tanzania you can see so many cars from japan are passing over the land of Tanzania like Nissan Elgrand,Nissan Ex-Trailer, Nissan cube,Isuzu Forward,Isuzu Elf Truck .Japanese used car is very nice car than all car made in this world that is in appearance designed by engineers from japan and people are still wondering for this good designing. I like to use the cars from japan and i think i will be the one who i am going to use japanese used car all my life because of quality and good customer services done by Japanese. When you consider about the price and services of the japanese used cars is good and reasonable but it depend on the model and types of the vehicle you need .The price of the japanese used cars is very low means very cheap that even a man of low economic value can buy it compared to another vehicles made in this world not only that it durable means made by material that can stay for long time without rust and corrosion prevention .When you talk about repairing and maintenance is very easy because of the availability of the spare parts every where you go you can find it because they are aware to supply spare parts every where over the world .Another characteristics or properties of the car from japan is the speed and comfortability when you drive on the rough road this is because of its stiffness and flexibility of the material made by it{means good suns pension} not only comfortability even there engines made by japanese are good means burning of fuel is good and made by strong material eg,cast iron that cannot melt easy when the engine become heated at the high temperature even cooling system is good in arrangement that allow in air and liquid for cooling to pass every point where there is the need of cooling, another is the transmission system and braking system is good.when you talk about the transmission system you talk about gear box,propeller shaft, differential and clutches those are made by good material eg,special steel which is good in properties by ensuring this properties car from japan become good in quality and durable and failing of some parts is not easy unless otherwise there is no services or maintenance of the vehicle even for braking system is the same if there is no services eg no changing of braking shoes or liners may cause brake failing. Car from japan does not support environment pollution that can cause climate change to the country eg, emission of cabondioxide CO2, No2,SPM and photochemical oxides {Air pollution and noise pollution} thus why many people like it and government of Tanzania insist us to buy the car from japan because of these properties. Before shipping of the vehicle there is maintenance and inspection are done to ensure the vehicle is under good conditions, by doing so the vehicle received by customer without any complaining.Every single vehicle that are advertised is shown in accurate photos that represents the quality and appearance correctly therefore you can buy a car from japan without any problems and description of the vehicle are provided to ensure that the buyer or customer know what the vehicle model viewing by customer comes equipped with what the features are on the model and details about the car ,history and any further information you need can be provided so you can get exactly what you are paying .Shipping of the vehicle from japan the price are reasonable and not expensive compared to another countries thus why people decide to buy car from japan and make even underground people{low economic people} to buy it.For fuel consumption car from japan most of them does not consume a lot of fuels if there is no any problems in the engine for this reason make the people to like it.Engineers from japan during designing they consider the environment where the car can be used that can cope the environment without any problem .For me i will make sure that all my life i will use japanese used cars and i will convince all my friends to use japanese cars.

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