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sitina kwamboka Ntabo from Kenya message

sitina kwamboka Ntabo from Kenya message
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Why should we pick you as the winner?

The reason for you to pick me as a winner for this competition is because :-

  1. believe i as a woman from a small village in Kenya called Bokeire in Kisii County can also drive despite the challenges we get from men that its only men who are supposed to drive due to the traditions.
  2. Because its my dream to own this car.
  3. It will be my first experience since i have a passion to drive but i cant afford that money to buy one for myself.
    4.It will motivate me to be a marketer of your company in Kenya ,Africa and the World at large.
  4. it will be a great honor to me and my family .
    6.because its one of the most achievements in my life to own a car.

How do think about Car From Japan?

unlike cars from other places or rather countries i believe that cars from Japan are:-

  1. Fuel Efficiency
    1. Breakthroughs
    2. They have Alternative Energy Advances
      4.They are Government Incentives in Kenya
    3. Simpler Needs
    4. Model are already set
    5. Production Year is updated
    6. Steering are well balanced
    7. Transmission
    8. Gas / Diesel
    9. Most of the come with 4w Drive.
    10. Japan cars are well made
    11. maintenance is not much needed.
      This from my small research of views from those who own vehicles made of Japan.

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