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Sheikh Fahad Ahmed from Pakistan message

Sheikh Fahad Ahmed from Pakistan message
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Respect Hana Yurimoto,
My name is Sheikh Fahad Ahmed and i from Karachi, PAKISTAN.
I am very glad to see this campaign at least someone has big heart to giveaway happiness to other. Ma’am i really want to win this car. I dont have a car right now nor i am financially that much strong to buy a car And this will be the greatest opportunity for me to have one. I have never participate in any contest before this is my first time and i really want to feel the feeling of winner. I know there are lots of other people who have more points then me but i am trying my level best to make more points. I am praying that God will grant me this as a gift for a new year to begin the new year 2016 with my own car. I will be honest Hana i have used because of lack money but i really want to use hope i would get an opportunity to meet you and express my feeling for winning. Hope i get a chance one day. After having a visit to your website its seem like single platform for any person who is looking for a car to buy. He can get a car within his budget if he really willing to buy. Excellent website design such efficiency and professionalism with updated data. I really want to add the best things about all Cars From Japan are that there fuel consumption is very good, engine fantastic performance, High quality and low prices. I get the impression that the Japanese care about quality as a culture (this is based on what I have read about home building as well as cars etc.) After WWII a man named Deming assisted the Japanese with re-building their manufacturing economy and he was a strong believer in quality. Cars from Japan had better cars because they have a style of management that involves constant worker input on how to improve the product. It was called Total Quality Management, I believe. It involves the workers constantly looking for better, faster, more efficient ways of creating the product and management actually implementing their ideas.
Hope that you will choose me as one of the winner.
Best Regards

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