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shadrack mau musau from Kenya message

shadrack mau musau from Kenya message
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Car from Japan is an amazing car selling company.It is like my dreams are close to becoming many of my age mates do taxi cab business with their own Toyota Sienta cars.I have always been visiting Car from japan website and i have fallen in love with their prices, affordable and real amazing good staff.Having this chance i believe to win and have my own Toyota Sienta and at least win my daily bread for me and my family through taxi cab business.ferrying the people in the interiors of Sultan Hamud, a town along Nairobi Mombasa highway.I will then be a real ambassador and representative to all people here that the best used cars can only be purchased from cars from japan.Today help change my life, give me my lifetime dream, graciously allow me to win.God bless CAR FROM JAPAN.Mungu abariki car from japan, Blessings from Kenya.And below is a poem am writting as i imagine riding my already won car
The beast sleeps in my driveway, Her streamlined silver body gleaming in white sunlight. I run one gloveless hand over her frozen steel That numbs my calloused fingertips. I swing open the driver’s side door, Easing into the sunken plush seat. She receives me with a drowsy sigh. A black cutout tree hangs from her rearview mirror, Still vaguely smelling of cheap men’s cologne That makes my mother queasy. I turn my key in the ignition. The engine rumbles like distant thunder Before settling into a hum that vibrates my bones. Like an eager dog she silently begs Me to give her the command to “go.” Music trickles from the only working speaker, Pooling in my left eardrum. My fingers slip into the well-worn valleys On the greased leather steering wheel. Press on the brake. Shift into drive. Release the brake. Go. Together we drift through quiet winter streets. I feel the whir of pavement beneath her tires, Every crack, every pothole, every bump. We are one, And we are flying.LONG LIVE CAR FROM JAPAN, my mind, heart and soul all uttering blessings.And when i win the car, i will extend the blessed luck to some people, the village i grew up in is remote,to avail my Toyota Sienta everytime somebody has to be rushed to the hospital, expectant mothers to the hospital, old men and women,when they say bless you son,i say bless car from japan forever.

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