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Schimabella Kambarami from Zimbabwe message

Schimabella Kambarami from Zimbabwe message
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From the bottom part of my heart l would like to thank you for having an open competition despite race ,religion or gender. I am excited to be part of this competition and still crossing my fingers that l will be part of the winners and l have faith that l will be among the top winners….

l am an ambitious young lady who believe that not even the sky is the limit when it comes to the emancipation of women.As a future Development practitioner l believe in unity and practicing of gender equality, women in Southern Africa are now the chief engineers of the destiny of Africa thus every being despite of sex should be recognized in every aspect of life.I have the desire to see women recognized and not being violated their rights.Thus as a student l can be of use in the franchising of Car from Japan and in a way be an ambassador for you.

Talking of business itself and owning of properties women are now recognized and thanks to you Car from Japan you have also played a big role in making that a possibility .World wide u are a recognized convenient supplier who has customers at heart this will forever leave room for the flag of Japan to be raised up higher worldwide.

As an individual Car from Japan l see it as a doorway that breaches the gap between the rich and the poor world wide, by providing cars that are cheap and affordable. More so the provision of many options on the website of choosing exactly what you want leaves room for excellency as distance will not be a barrier .Also when it comes to the terms of delivering of the vehicles it will be efficient as different ports are given as optional to every buyer depending on his or her location.

Once again l would like to thank you for the opportunity that you have given everyone to own something that comes from Car Japan and for wishing me a good luck l am grateful….

Schimabella Kambarami.

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