Find. Buy. Drive

Sandra Namirimu Kyambadde from Uganda message


I believe i deserve a Car from Japan to ease my transport movements ,i feel overwhelmed using public means since the car park is far from where i park and i have also come to realize that i spend a lot more on public means than i would normally use to buy fuel for my car.

A Japanese used car will save me from all those scary “boda boda” as we call the public motorcycles rides,that car will save me from rainy days when i get to work late or when i cant find a taxi or when i have to pick up a couple of friends for a night out but most importantly when i have to fill up my car trunk and take stuff for my father at home,or may be when i decide to do an act of random kindness and give someone a lift on a rainy day because i know how it feels to stand in the rain.

I also want to be able to drive my grandfather around as well as give my nephews “cool aunty rides” .I want to have something that is mine just mine.

My reasons might not be needy to some but i really need this car if i can get it for free i will be glad since it could take me a while to save up for mine ,therefore,i would rather win than get one on Debt.

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