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Samwel M Kalima from Tanzania message

Samwel M Kalima from Tanzania message
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I would like to thank Car from Japan and their respective sponsors for a great competition, giving the world an opportunity to celebrate the holiday season in style. It’s a great contest (and comes with a great reward too!)

Japanese used cars have always played a major role in providing lucrative transport solutions to the world especially in the African countries. Most if the vehicles are affordable and they are suitable for the African daily environment. Spare parts are easy to for car from Japan compared to cars from elsewhere.

Honestly this is one of the most authentic competitions that I have ever participated. It is open, user-friendly and most of all; prizes are way valuable for a typical competition to allow contestants to apply and participate for free. Car from Japan must have put a lot of thought in this to allow as many people to enter as possible.

With this competition by Car from Japan and its sponsors, I believe Car from Japan has opened up a massive channel towards its market. The outreach of the competition has been outstanding, and during the running time of the competition, numbers have not lied at all. Car from Japan has reached a massive audience.

I believe that this competition is not just about winning. It is about Car from Japan expressing as to which extent Car from Japan is ready to go how far to ensure it reaches out to customers worldwide, with a super user-friendly manner and an unprecedented levels of customer care. If the competition was another test flight for Car from Japan, then I can proudly state that this is a big success.

Like any other competition, we cannot all be winners. I believe most of the participants have done well, and they deserve to win. The best I did is to give the best shot that I could, and I am happy that I am solely positive with what I have done. If my work meets the right viewpoint and degree of acknowledgement then it would be fair enough to consider me for the grand prize. But very the least I can truly do is to thank Car from Japan and its sponsors for the opportunity to participate in the Car from Japan X-Mass Wheels on Us promotion and giving me an equal opportunity like every other participant to win the grand prize of a car.

It has been a fun, exciting and an inspiring string of days as I took part in this competition. Hopefully I hope this was the case with other participants as well. Japanese used car will always offer us an affordable and a reliable means of transport to most of the people around the world, and now we have Car from Japan offer us better used cars from Japan.

To Car from Japan and its sponsors, thank you once more for the opportunity to win a car, I have had a great time and I wish everyone the best of luck!

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