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Samuel Sseviiri from Uganda message

Samuel Sseviiri from Uganda message
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Well, frankly, I am the perfect person Car From Japan is looking for. I am a 23 year old graduate fresh from university and not employed at the moment but a Japanese used car enthusiatic. I spend a lot of time on Car From Japan searching through the variety of cars. I believe this opportunity has made me dream again that at my current state I can wake up one morning behind my own wheels.
I have been following the rising performance of the Car From Japan most probably the the website stickers I see on other people’s cars which means that they got theirs from this website as well and would want to be part of the group.

I want to be part of this challenge because it can give me a chance to prove myself at my current state (unemployed, still looking for a job) that anything can happen, I can be a proud owner of a Japanese used car. My plan is to make sure that i earn as many points as possible by attracting many people in my circle to join the campaign, in the end, hoping that I can emerge as the winner of one of the prized cars. It would be a win-win situation for both parties i.e. me and Car From Japan.

Since my child hood, my love for cars especially Japanese cars has been very big in that I tend to notice the car make and model of each car on the road that passes near me, even though I have never owned one, be it simply the car wheels.

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