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samuel omollo from Kenya message

samuel omollo from Kenya message
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Car From Japan ,Japanese used car
Hello Hana.
Japanese used cars are the most used in Kenya. Car from Japan being a company supplying this product is the best. Car give away competition is the best platform to find a dedicated ambassador to market this company and there products.
Marketing of a product from it’s sample in the market is the most adopted method. Winning the car gives me a direct product sample to show to respective customers. I will be very glad to be the one on the ground as your brand ambassador. Car from Japan are very kind and customer friendly company offering services to their word.Ohh they have very nice and quality cars, I love them a lot. I winning a car will increase my bond with this company to the highest level ever imagined. I so much interested in marketing fields and right here gives me an opportunity to act according to my passion :marketing car from Japan. Hana don’t ever be worried if you have me as a marketing and brand ambassador in Kenya. Kenyan’s like what they see an example of how it works. Need a confirmation of what how when and why. Through me winning this car it will answer all the related questions. Make me a winner see the change.
Thank you.
Samuel Omollo

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