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Sabas Dennis Chacha from Kenya message

Sabas Dennis Chacha from Kenya message
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Hello Cars from Japan,

I’m from Kenya running a charity organization and currently working on business supply service company I started with a friend.. Sadec enterprises which trades in supply of organic fruits and vegetables.We are really really looking forward to have a car especially a pick up for transporting we have limited capital and we know Japan cars are of good quality,their spare part are easily available. Of I win this it’s going to be a great boost to our start up and we believe it will help us access our products from farmers around the country and beyond the border.
Our capital is small plus we spend much on transportation and hired cars hence at time we don’t deliver on time as promised.99% defect free on time delivery as we put it..some of the goods we supply need to be defect free so we find that from the hired cars they reach market with defect a.
If we grow big, We shall go no where than Japan cars since our business depends on mobility and quality cars with low expenses I which we believe come from Japan cars company.From our client list we shall as well recommend them to you incase they need to import cars.

We really appreciate cars from Japan company for this.

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