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Ruvimbo Nyakazeya from Zimbabwe message

Ruvimbo Nyakazeya from Zimbabwe message
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in my country, Zimbabwe anyone who wants to buy a car purchases a Japanese used car from different websites across the globe because of its relative cheapness. Because of this l have entered the competition from car from Japan because l see its still a website that is not yet explored in my country.
l think l should be picked as the winner honestly mainly because i really need this car for my day to day uses. l market and sell a lot of things personally so l need to be mobile to access a larger number of clients but for now unfortunately my funds and savings cannot purchase a car as l have family responsibilities to attend to.
secondly since l am a marketer and sales person this would also be a platform to talk more about Japanese used cars and especially the website Car from Japan since l will be a living testimony of the car and people will be seeing my product and a very proud and happy person.

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