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Rosert Zione Malikebu from Malawi message

Rosert Zione Malikebu from Malawi message
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What else do I deserve – it is indeed either a Car Frrom Japan or Japanese used car. These cars are just superb, fitted with appropriate ancessories and even affordable to less priviledged in terms of funds availability. Buying a Car from Japan and/or Japaese used car is not a loss but rather a blessing. One is rest assured that the car bought is well reconditioned.
Thank you so much Car From Japan Co. Ltd for coming up with this competition. Indeed, your marketing strategies and tactics are just so superb. You really know what “market orientation” is all about. Gone are the days when customers used to be at a receiving end. Cutomers, including myself, know what their needs and wants are. To this end, thanks to Car from Japan Co. Ltd for manufacturing and marketing a wide variety of cars to suit a wide range of customers, including less priviledged Malawians like myself.
I have been longing to buy a Japanese used car having been convinced by my brother that these cars require minimal attention and/or do not cost so much in terms of service.
I am talented in terms of chairing wedding committee meetings and I do attend a number of weddings where there is a large gathering. Again, I also travel frequently across the three regions of Malawi. I strongly feel that picking me as a winner for this competition will take Car From Japan Co. Ltd a long way. I intend to become an ambassador of Car from Japan Co. Ltd and effectively market cars from Japan and/or Japanese used cars wherever I go.

I am first born in a family of eight children. My mother passed on in 2010 and I recall how I struggled to take her around to various hospitals for medical attention – travelling by mini bus and sometimes on foot because I could not afford a car. This time around, I am looking after my sister who has a mental abnormality. I feel winning this car will also be a blessing in disguise as I intend to use this car for taking my sister to hospitals. In addition to this, I will also be using this car for a number of charity works.

“Car From Japan Co. Ltd, pick me as a winner and I will be your marketing ambassador here in Malawi.”

Malawians, buy cars from Car from Japan Co. Ltd and/or Japanese used cards – it pays and you will never regret.

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