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Rogasian from Tanzania message

Rogasian from Tanzania message
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l love this Japanese Christmas’s incredible offer. Long live the Japanese vehicle industry.

l really advice people to buy Japanese cars cz they are strong and invulnerable to accidents depending on the nature.

however, they can persist on rough roads without injuries or major faults

also Japanese car do not have any bad records for breaking down on the road. Most of them endures pressure and time. This depends on an individual caring.

besides having many vehicles from else where still l believe in Japanese car because the are made out of quality than those from China. spare parts are also well available for an affordable cost depending on ones financial ability and type of car chosen.

l have a dream of buying a motor bike from Japan and l have been sparing some money to buy Honda a sport byke due to their strength they hold compared to those of China and elsewhere.

my mother bought a nice car from Japan Suzuki. l love this car due to its less fuel consumption and pulling capacity. the car really inspires me to go for Japanese vehicles and motorbikes.
the car is still strong and nice as new due to its durability and unique features.

l think another reason as to why we should chose the Japanese car is due to 4WD. four wheel drive. it Tanzania the poor roads needs a good car. the weather itself needs strong car because of skippering season. those with the 4WD from Japan enjoys the weather and travel smoothly around.

another important aspect l love from the Japanese vehicles is that most of their produced cars can be affordable to most countries regardless of their economic status. lt is easy to see many Japanese car in Tanzania than the americans or other companies

l think having the Japanese car is nice because am their vehicles are nice and available on all countries. l think the company is good because it has created awareness and good information on how to get their supplies.

l also think that buying cars from Japan works under a very secure transaction because l have never heard of anyone blaming then company for any financial matters.

so it is my pleasure to inspire everyone to choose the Japanese vehicle. if you choose Japanese cars you have chosen the best.

l also suggest that this Christmas’s gifts should be given each year. This will create awareness, love and business network between the Japanese and the world at large. l also believe that many people in may area lacks information about the Japanese vehicles and fail to chose the durable ones.
More information will mean more market in our country.

Lastly, l would like to convey may gratitude to those sponsors of this competition. To us Tanzanians it mean a lot and we like it. I ask you to go on sponsoring this competition because it is another way of business networking,exposure and profit.
l also ask if you will consider clearing all exportation fees so that the winner may receive the price as genuine as possible
Thank you

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