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robiul hosen imran from Bangladesh message

robiul hosen imran from Bangladesh message
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Actually right now I am a medical student in Bangladesh.I am not coming from a very rich family. True thing is that my family have not enough money to buy a car. But now when I see the competion in online then a little bit of glad coming into my heart if I can win the competion then I have a car and my dream come true. Whatever it is if I win this competion or not. I will not worried about that. But I want a thing from my heart that the car company might be success in their business by the bless of God. Finally I want to give a massage to the owner of the car company. And it’s my personal speech to the owner that I am coming from middle class family. So my family face a difficult thing after a month because a medical student have a lot of study cost. If the company have showroom in my country then I want to request the owner to give me a part time job in your s company so that I can bear my study cost please.R specially I give my favourite car name audy because when I was in college that time one of my college classmate regularly come with a audy car. This car was looking so good and great to me so I like this car. And it was my dream that if any time God give me a lot of money then 1 St I buy a audy car.and finally I want tell that thing that I personally like Japanees car. Cause Japanees car had a high class quality. And Japanees car had coming with a latest model decline and latest configuration in their car. So personally like Japanees car

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