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richard samwel from Tanzania message

richard samwel from Tanzania message
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car from japan ‘ok thank my dear….i just trie to be a best one ever in this competition’but much more i would like to say more ever when i will get a chance to win the competition,i will thanks our god and your support you help us for car given,because you know in africa we’re very poor people we dont have enough money to afford buying your product but for your offer we will ….thank you a lot CAR FROM JAPAN for your support…seems am going to win
but also i know something about your car,its very good cars in fuels use,body structure,attractive color and stable seats
Hello Yurimoto Hana.
I would like to say first Thank You. Thank you so much thank you thank you. I would like to also thank you the car from Japan team, thank you a lot.
I am so excited. Very excited. My dream has come true thank you a lot yuri thank you. I had never thought I could win this competition over my fellow competitors and be the first position, thank you so much car from Japan, I can qualify for my dream is live now thank you so much. I am so excited when you called me I threw myself over the flow I was so excited thank you so much car from Japan may the God Bless You.
Thank you so much car from Japan. I will never forget this day in my life. Oh my God Thank You So Much.

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