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Regis Leonard Kimati from Tanzania message


Date: 7th December, 2015

Car From Japan has an excellent customer service with a proven record on the best quality of the vehicles sold to the esteemed customers therefore being a winner of the vehicle from ‘Car From Japan’ has more value in strengthening business relationship among the two countries Tanzania and Japan.

I am glad to be the winner of the Car from Japan not only myself rather as the Country Representative due to the strong business relationship of the imported cars about more than 80% of the cars used in Tanzania are from Japanese used cars.

Car from Japan is the best company with excellent and uncompromising quality of the services to the esteemed customers and I am proud my Country Tanzania has been the best customer of the Car from Japan.

Japanese Used Cars are in excellent condition and at the best and affordable prices that cut across all individuals need and requirements at different income levels. Prices are not fixed and the customer requirement are well fulfilled at all affordable and reasonable costs that the customers can afford.

I am very glad to be the representative for Car From Japan sponsors and the brands, through the best and stable business relationship that has last for ages for Tanzania and Car From Japan, I would like to take this opportunity to extend and strengthening the existing business relationships

Tanzania is among the leading country in Africa with a big number of the potential customers that have business relationship with Car From Japan as well as importing Japanese Vehicles for domestic and other uses.

The most leading brand of the imported cars for more than 80% are from Japan that mostly has built trust to their esteemed customers for the best services and excellent services provided by Car From Japan.

Value of the business between Tanzania and Japan in exporting and importing cars has been of the very long period that has built trust not only from the individual users even for the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania.

Through this value chain and trust that has been built among the two countries, this is a pride to the future generation and more opportunities will be opened and made available through strong synergies that has been established.

Focusing ahead for the expansion and growth of the business opportunities Car From Japan through partnership engagements with the United Republic of Tanzania will have more opportunities to open business operations in Tanzania and the neighbourhood countries that use Dar es Salaam port for the importation of the cars from Japan.

Japanese used cars have excellent condition, reliable for the spare parts availability as well as have excellent and affordable running and maintenance costs.

Japanese used car are mostly environmental friendly and maintain the Green Environmental Policy with very limited carbon emission .In the current living world maintaining green environmental policy is the priority to the most nations around the world to reduce effects of destroying the ozone layer.

Uniformity, consistencies and comfortability of the Japanese used cars has made life and choices to be easier for the users of the cars as well as provide excellent comfortability during long driving.

Car from Japan have been manufactured to consider excellent health conditions fo the comfortability of the rear and back seats adjustments that provide excellent comfortability for all users with different body heights, weights and even the spinal cord comfortability.

Car from Japan have been manufactured under excellent safety requirements to provide security during accidents with excellent airbags, sensitive cameras with sensors to provide clearance on sight as well as excellent navigations and stability with a very low centre of gravity that provide protections while driving.

Car from Japan have excellent security on the door locks and sight mirrors that provide clear vision when driving the off roads that need extra attention. In addition to this Car from Japan have an excellent engine performance and cooling system that provide excellent efficiency for the engine performance when driving in long hours.

Car from Japan have excellent dimensions that are suitable for all roads with reasonable space that provide comfortability inside and even outside when driving in big city with heavy traffic jams therefore utilizes very limited space for parking in big city

Car from Japan provides a wide range and mostly they are the best users friendly with a wide range of the products and other accessories that makes life easier. Car From Japan have all necessary and essential tools that are users friendly even for the learning and mostly used in driving schools for training.

Car from Japan lead the world market on the sales of the products to many countries around the world and this makes life easier as long as anywhere or any country that someone visits you never miss to see Car From Japan and this provide confidence to the customers of the Car from Japan as well as the Car from Japan has made trust to the esteemed customers.

Car from Japan have a wide range of choices, test and features that has considered people with disability to have a wide range of choices that are very suitable to all people with different disabilities around the world.

Car from Japan are very safe for children provide excellent safety conditions and facilities for the children when driving and even when left alone in the car, hence contribute to the wide choices for the families at all levels, excellent and suitable for family users with different choices.

Car from Japan have excellent and active vacation when required for quick and active vacation in cases of emergencies hence mostly used for the securities and hospitals emergencies whenever required and are the most preferable.

As a conclusion for consideration,I am extending all my gratitude to the Management of the Car From Japan and trust to extend business relationships in all respects among the two countries Tanzania and Japan forever.

All the Best and Good luck,
Regis Kimati
Phone:+255 689131728

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