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Reason Maseko from Zimbabwe message

Reason Maseko from Zimbabwe message
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Japanese cars are immaculate,easy to drive,affordable even to us in the third world,very comfortable,and very sleek too. I think Japan has taken over as a leading automobile industry player with state of the art vehicles that will drive well even in traditional markets like Europe,America or simply the west.I drove a Nissan that ruled the roost here and its continuing to increasingly do so. How i wish i can get my wife a gift oneday from Japan as she continously asks for one.Big ups japan Engineering,you are the best of the best. how i wish my kids can learn you car building skill and i can see Africa changing for the better.Japanese used cars constitute about 80-90 percent of our fleet in Zimbabwe.Whether they are used or not one need to get a car from Japan if they want to feel how nice driving is. These Japanese cars are ISO compliant and TRULY magnificent.

Ask for variety a car from japan will give you one.Ask for reliability a car from Japan will be more than reliable.The accessories like the air conditioning are world class,sound system is superb.Ask for durability,the life span of the vehicles is unbelievable even if they are Japanese used cars.If i am to be a winner or not i will still consider myself lucky to get introduced to this Japanese industry.

Gig up once again for being such pacesetters!!!

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