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Priscilla royo Malenga from Malawi message

Priscilla royo Malenga from Malawi message
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Hello car from Japan,

I would like to start by saying thank you for this opportunity to participate in an international competition like this one. These kind of competitions don’t give room to people in Africa most of the times but you made it possible for us too. Therefore, thank you so much, I really appreciate the efforts you are putting in.

Secondly. I would like to say why Car from japan should pick mi as the winner this year, so here it; I am a 24 year old lady, outstanding, still energetic, but most of all I have passion in marketing. Its very easy for me to pass along a message to my peers and let alone make them interested. And lets not forget, this is the stage in life where one has a lot friends and peers that are always willing to try new things especially if they have heard it from one of them. Plus, thus stage in life, its where we the youths start making the decision as to which car we want and where do we want to get it from.. So, if I am the winner of this competition, I will not just say thank you and thank God then sit down, no, everywhere i go, i will be advertising, even without having to say a word. Everyone wants to own a car these days, and telling my friends that i won it for free from your company, this will give you a competitive advantage. In Malawi, people really do things mostly because they have seen someone do it. And i will be your advocate on this side of the continent, given my marketing skills and experience.

Another point is that, following the results for last year, a Kenyan came first in position, with which am pretty sure widened your market share in Kenya as we can see, car from Japan has alot of followers from Kenya, alot of participants and pretty sure even customers, so, it would be nice to have a change this time around,,to have a winner from Malawi. This will help the company to carry alot of weight among Malawians.

Here is another reason why i should win this competition, I am a lady! Despite being a marketer and a young person, i am a lady!
ladies, are a great instrument when it comes to Word of Mouth and secondly, a guy can do something outstanding, and a lady doing the same thing , at the end of the day, people will talk more about the lady’s outstanding work other than the guy’s work. So what am saying is, last year we had a guy winning, this time let me win and for sure, Car from Japan will carry alot of weight around the globe for that, because am a lady and i have managed to win. The company will be known for mostly being generous. Therefore, attracting customers and retaining them.

Here is the final reason why i should be this years winner, i have been planning to get a car, and my plan was to get it beginning next year, and allow me to be honest,I was not thinking about getting it from your company, but this competition has widened my mind, am now considering your company, but I dnt have the money to buy it, I just realized the need to have a car in my life, wasn’t sure how I will get one but I just made an objective to have a car this year and this is my chance to own one.

About car from Japan, based on what I know so far, I know for a fact that car from Japan, u have a strong marketing department , with marketers who know their job. Thumbs up to Miss Hana Yurimoto, she has got the looks, the beauty plus the brains, please don’t let her go. Car from Japan has a great reputation as far as am concerned. I have noticed that you take care of your customers, you have satisfied customers. I also know that your delivering services are reliable and excellent.
Japanese used cars, here in Malawi, are usually the first option when it comes to cars,even though they are used but it seems you take care of them before selling, and that just shows how much love,and care you have for your customers.

So for me, i think car from Japan is dope, reliable, friendly,caring, its customers never regret being in business with them, if this continues,,with tye,growing demand of cars world wide,,thus company might just be everyone’s first choice when they want a car…

lastly, thank you so much car from Japan for giving me the opportunity to air out my views.. Bless you!

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