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Prince B Chikweba from Malawi message

Prince B Chikweba from Malawi message
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Why should you pick me as the winner

Well,I have been following Car From Japan deals and business for a while and seen how the internet has been careful molded and used by Japanese Used Car to make business transactions and allow people buy cars with just one click of a button. Car From Japan has made it easy for people to have access of a wide range of car models in the comfort of their homes,offices and other public places as long as they are connected to the internet. To the most ideal reason, Japanese Used cars are affordable and evidence of work since they are cars that have been in use.

For many companies, the internet is mostly under utilized as most of the times they use the internet to share emails among staff than with clients. Car From Japan has set an example that you can do a business transaction on the internet, allowing each other to save time and other resources if the business was to be done physically.
With the fact that almost everyone is on social media,it has been good to your part as you are able to reach out to as many people as people but primarily those that can not afford to by a brand new car i.e Majority of the Malawian community.

For these reasons,I believe I am the deserving winner as I have to some extent knowledge on how Car From Japan business is run and who the target market is.

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