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Pianta Kyaw Thu from Myanmar message


Hi, I am Kyaw Thu from Myanmar which was opened to car market free by our new government by 5 years ago. It seems undoubtedly true that our country’s market are newly formed and has lots of opportunities to import transportation vehicle from your company. As for me, I am very interested in car trading business and I am currently attempting to do a median sized own enterprise dealing with car trading. So I am exciting to see your site because I have not known how to connect directly with a company to import cars from Japan. Your ‘Car from Japan’ webpage is incredibly user interface , user friendly and has various fair price cars and wide variety of choice for me. I feel more reliable to your company than any other because I believe that you are credible and can take full responsibility when a car is imported. All about these facts are how I can think of your ‘Car from Japan’.

There is no reason why you should select me as a winner, however, i have a strong desire to travel with my family and own car through our country. I will be very glad and happy if i won your Christmas car giveaway 2015.

Kyaw Thu

Japan used cars are fair prize.

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