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PHILIP OLUOCH NGALA from Kenya message


Let me take this opportunity to appreciate this team for it is the best team considering the make up and durability of their cars world wide. When i was young i used to visit electronic shops as my uncle was an electrician and he always told us that Japan makes are always the best for they compose of original components. This shaped up my mind and whenever i bought any machine or material property would always want Japanese make. After some years i realized the shops were flooded with makes from some countries that supply fake materials at relatively lower prices but expire quickly. My mind till date, is set on Japan make and much more on vehicles.
I believe by now if someone gets a brand new car from Japan without passing through other hands then this is the best opportunity one can have in life.
I am a fan of Japan make, but many will only realize after i have worn this competition and rewarded a personal car from Japan. I hope i will be another source of advertisement in Kenya. For i don’t think i can always sit at home without pride on the make up. Many people have always thought that i am too choosy when it comes to material property but i am sincere that my heart is fed up with some materials that flood the market but very weary.
I am very much happy that this is the stepping stone for original products from Japan getting way in Kenya’s market once again after people are fed up with buying one thing every month/ year and still not certain of the durability. I wish many people in the world especially in Kenya change their approach towards this and come out in large numbers to this competition. We could have taken the first 2 cars and raise Japan flag at our port in Mombasa.
Let me request that such competition should be regular to sweep interests across the nations. At present people from third world countries like cheap things they don’t go for durability. My experience with this is that they will visit the shops every month while i visit once and think of another thing. There is also another big cost of repair and at times get things that become faulty at their early stages after being bought. Let me also ask our government to advocate for material property that can last long when choosing vehicles and other products from foreign markets.
Otherwise let me remain waiting patiently to receive this car. This i can not sell to anyone as it will act as an advert for this make.
Japanese are also known to be great technicians on all sorts of machinery. I think this one come about as a result of all machinery products coming from Japan imported to other countries as in comparision to other first world countries. In Kenya today, any construction that is to be done by Japanese is not worthy to be compared to other countries. There are constructions that have been done by other countries and you wonder why it could not be given to Kenyans. This is because it is not to the standards of looking for a foreigner. But when it comes to Japan products and constructions, Kenya and the world needs to think twice for the originality and the durability of services respectively. The same way any Kenyan abroad is seen to be an athlete is the same way that any Japanese abroad becomes a technician. Much more on vehicles products.
Philip Oluoch Ngala
From Naivasha (Kenya)

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