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peter from Kenya message


very nice promotion from car from japan hoping to win one car this round!!!!
i need a car not just a car but a good car, sometimes i feel sad when i see people driving and and i have been walking all my life

  1. this car means alot to it will give me freedom of movement, sometimes am forced to rush back home earlier since i use public means which is not reliable
  2. this car means i can take my family out anytime, doesnt matter if it rains or not
  3. This car will give me a better social status, i will feel great if i will join driving class of people it makes me feel pissed off when my friends talk about their cars, new car stereos, driving adventures and no one to share my cycling experience
  4. this car will give me easier emergencies handling, i dont have to look for car everywhere incase of emergencies and will reduce the cost
  5. Women love for cars, my wife will not feel out of place when her friends are picked by their husbands either from work, women meetings ,etc or picks their childrens from school
  6. Thank you Hana yurimoto for giving me this car.

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