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Peter Bernard Kidega from Uganda message


Hello Hana,
It is exciting to have this competition from your company, car from Japan, World over it is known that Japanese cars are among the best in performance.
I will be quite happy if i am announced as one of the winners because, well, like anyone else I would like to drive a car from you. Many people have got cars from your company so it is true that you sell the best quality cars around.
Just like you have put it, this would make a very exciting X mas gift to my family.
I know Car From Japan, sells the best quality because of the high standards you put in what you sell. The rigorous inspections leave no vehicles with defects to be sold to your clients so it means you care for us the clients. And you care for our safety. This is the greatest aspect of customer care. Japanese used cars are the best alternative for some one who earns little and yet wants to live and move in comfort, and you are the answer there. this is because you provide an alternative for those who may not afford new cars. it will therefore be a great honour to drive one of your beaustiful and comfortable cars when i win it.

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