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Patrick Nishyirembere from Rwanda message

Patrick Nishyirembere from Rwanda message
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Hey Hana,
I am happy also to be one of the team of Car From Japan competitor!!
I would be happy to work with you if I become the winner and I am able to present your brand here in Africa especially in Rwanda.
I am the best candidate because I have an experience in representing brand of something. I have worked for a new University from USA which wanted to open in Rwanda and I have successful helped them to find the applicants. With the experience I got from that past job, I think I can also present Car From Japan well. The ability of talking to people with confidence also makes me a good candidate because if you are pitching to someone who doesn’t know about what you are talking about you have to be self-confidence. Now, what I know about Car From Japan are the best types of cars and popular in my region especially Toyota brand. The reason why most of my citizens like them is because they are not expensive compare to the other from west, but they are also the one of best quality. Japan is the country well known as technology based nation for that reason, Japanese used car also people can believe it and I can highly recommend them to buy them. Thanks.

Patrick Nishyirembere.

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