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patrick nadzanja junior from Malawi message

patrick nadzanja junior from Malawi message
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In my country alot of people are embracing cars from Japan. With alot of competition between companies that sell used cars many people don’t know how to choose the best used car company to conduct business with throughout the years as a business major finishing my undergraduate I want to challenge the business community and individual buyers to choose and adopt car from Japan as their number 1 car buyer, with vast knowledge and wisdom I have accumulated in fields of marketing and management am surely the candidate to win tho prize because it will help me convice, change,direct people to choose you, motivation is one key element needed to increase performance, satisfaction and customer loyalty, with this in mind if I have the prize it will surely motivate others to try buying your cars and I believe you may reach certain heights in increasing your customer base, with me I have observed how other Japanese used car selling companies are becoming prominent but still they lack some knowledge about customers that can increase there customer participation, satisfaction, and commitment that can greatly increase their capital share. With this I believe and challenge you to choose me for the prize, I wont disappoint you. God Bless!!!

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