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oscar mwaura from Kenya message

oscar mwaura from Kenya message
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The car from Japan is affordable, reliable and durable, not to mention popular. The Japanese know how to give their consumers value for money and cater for all kinds of customers form the low income earners to the wealthy who want luxury. In my country every car in-front of you is driving a Japanese car, goes to show how popular they are; especially the Toyota brand. The vehicles are built to cater to to all kinds of roads and terrains. We have the town cars for town fork to run their daily errands and dash to work. We have the off-road SUV “monsters” to negotiate those rough terrains.

The used car section is the best in the world and most trust worthy. The cars are normally in tip-top shape and one can get all models available in the market. Talking about models, Japan boasts a wide variety of car models than any other car manufacturer which keeps consumers coming back. Their creativity is outstanding, they have exceptional engineering and craftsmanship, the least I can say is kudos.

One model that fascinates me is the massive SUV known as the Toyota Landcruiser. I just have to say; its so big it’s like a tectonic plate with wheels, the Land Cruiser is an epically proportioned off-roader for those who believe biggest is best. Choose from a 3.0-litre four-cylinder or a 4.5-litre V8, both diesel-fuelled. Living in an area where there are several off-roads, In a world where very few off-roaders can actually go off road, the Land Cruiser is one of the last bastions of go-anywhere mud-plugging ability.

That said, the specifically Japanese approach to research, development and design has created some of the most fantastic, outrageous, or cutest cars ever conceived. The attention to detail, the love of design, and utmost precision have often come together to create incredible cars. Here is a strictly subjective selection – and let’s keep fingers crossed we’ll see more of this engineering in the future.

In conclusion I can say, coming from a developing nation;Japan is a highly motorized society. Each year around thousands of new models are introduced by various automakers. The country is a home of various makers, and people make their choices to buy a vehicle based on their own preferences and needs. With the demand for new vehicles, demand for Japanese used vehicles is also rising at faster pace. The country’s second-hand auto market is largely trusted across the world. Even the economy of many countries depends hugely on the importation of motor vehicles. With so many used vehicle portals it has become quite easy to import a Japanese used vehicle. There are many exporters who even assist used vehicle importers while purchasing a used vehicle.

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