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Oral Daley from Jamaica message

Oral Daley from Jamaica message
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Dear Hana Yurimoto,
Car from Japan, I believe you should choose Oral as one of the winners because I love no other cars than those from Japan especially Toyota brand. After leaving school I can’t seem to pick up a job without it being required a motor vehicle. Presently, I am unemployed and need to at least to own a reliable motor vehicle and I think Toyotas are the most reliable motor vehicle in the world.Toyota Motor Corp said, that cumulative global sales of the Toyota Corolla, the world’s most popular car, surpassed 40 million in July, reaching 40.01 million units. This milestone marks another historic achievement for the Corolla, Toyota’s perennial global car. I concur with the statement and believe their is still more room for improvement in Toyotas sales. One of the ways that sales improvement can be done is of course to make some promotional give-away like this one but also how do you make a customers feel after they have purchase of a vehicle. That speaks to after purchase service, to simply inquire if the customer is satisfied and so on could make a great difference. I feel that it is not what is said mostly to a customer it is how you make them feel that will have the most effect. Jamaica love cars from Japan and can you imaging when I win this car it will cause a family tradition of loving Japanese car because I’ll see that it does. I am however falling in love with Voxy Zs Kirameki 11, I believe they are just simply gorgeous. Give me this chance of owning my first vehicle and I that you in advance. Season greetings.
Oral Daley

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