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Onyito from Kenya message

Onyito from Kenya message
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Dear Hana Yurimoto,
Chief Marketing Officer,
Car From Japan Co., Ltd.

I am delighted to have entered into Car From Japan’s web page. As a matter of fact most of the vehicles bought and driven on our Kenyan roads are Japanese used cars. They are normally in very good condition and their spare parts are easily available locally. I love Toyota’s from Japan – in our country it is said that the car in front of you is always a Toyota and most probably from Japan.

My Uncle once used to live in Okinawa, Japan. He was pursuing a Masters Degree in a Marine & Fisheries related course and when he came back with two beautiful cars. One of which was stolen at gun point and the second of which he taught me how to drive. He taught me the principle that any car made in Japan is a good car because of the quality of skills and manufacturing standards set in Japan. I participated in this Xmas wheels on us – Car from Japan because i would like to win the car of my dreams that will assist me transport fruits and vegetables from the farms in the village to the town & for export to other parts of the world.

You have a very good marketing agency that has come up with this concept because the reach is vast and unimaginable. I hope i get to link Car From Japan with as may potential buyers of Japanese used cars in and within my country and continent. I hope all my friends who wanted to purchase cars will give it a try for i have seen all types of cars in your webpage link.

All the best in your endevours, congratulations and may you have yourselves a happy festive season.

Kind regards
Onyito Jobita
Graphic Designer/ICT technician/Video producer
Nairobi, Kenya

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