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Ombeni Kaaya from Tanzania message

Ombeni Kaaya from Tanzania message
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Thank you Car From Japan for giving us this Christmas gift. I participated the first contest
but unfortunately I was not among the lucky winners, this time around am full of energy and blessed to win this, am college student here in Dar es salaam, my family is located in rural Tanzania, am the first and only family member who ever attended college education, to be honest my family is very poor, my daddy is a motorcycle driver working very hard to ensure he is supporting our family as well as paying for my college needs.Sometimes I have to work some temporary jobs such as selling water in evening hours to help my father. In this xmass I would like to give my father a life gift from Car From Japan, I will be more than happy to win car in this compaign so as I will give it to my father, he will use it to support my family as well as my college needs. He will use the car in the business of transporting people from one place to another, I wish I could win 2008 Toyota Hiace Van REGIUS DX, white color, God will help and give my family rekief, I borrowed laptop for a month from my college mate as a college I will carry it with me in every room in my hostel to make sure all are participating through my link, to ensure that every student in my college is evidencing the quality cars provided by Car From Japan, I believe in the near future my generation will buy quality cars from your stores because Car From Japan on my opinion is a leading brand in this business. Also I will always carry my tablet with me everywhere to ensure that I convince every individual in my locality to participate in this competition, also I will advertise this competition in various social medias and websites, and if it will happen for anyone to win through my assistance that will be my Christmas gift for him/her.
I don’t have much to write because the quality of your services is beyond my words and for that I can surely say you are deserving five stars. Thank you again Car From Japan, now let me take my laptop and start my campaign. Please God bless Car From Japan, Please Bless all workers, Give them good health because You bring them to help us, to easy our life challenges… Amen.

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