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Nivah M. Mulaya from Kenya message

Nivah M. Mulaya from Kenya message
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I am from Kenya and the reason why you should pick me is that I have been a loyal user of vehicles from Japan since 1993. My first car being Toyota E81, thereafter I bought Nissan B12, Subaru Leon, Nissan B14 and Subaru Impreza, all imported from Japan. If I am picked as the winner then I will share and pass word round to my people to buy and use cars from Japan. I will also encourage them to be agents of Japanese vehicles and I will also strive to be an Agent too, so that I can sell and promote brands of vehicles from Japan.

People in Kenya Use cars from Japan than any other country. They import directly or through agents and clear at our Port of Mombasa. Japanese vehicles have proved to be reliable on our Kenya Roads and Spare Parts are readily available. Here in Kenya we have showrooms specifically for vehicles from Japan and they also arrange for finance. In Kenya, second-hand imported Japanese vehicles must undergo Worthiness inspection conducted by the Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center as per mandate from the Kenya Bureau of Standards. The Inspection aims to ensure that the vehicles are not more than 8 years old, are right hand drive, have genuine mileage and that the vehicles pass a safety & mechanical inspection similar to the Japanese periodic inspection. The vehicles from Japan have enabled both Middle and upper class Kenyans to drive and we are grateful to that since European vehicles are very expensive.

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