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nicholas nembhard from Jamaica message

nicholas nembhard from Jamaica message
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Well picking me as a winner would help me very deeply with daily activities moving around helping my mom where I don’t have to depend on anyone for there car by borrowing it to go on the road me been a winner I can simple opp in my own ride to go about my business also been of my sexual preference of me been gay and at time afraid to take public transportation I normal have to be taking company cab or renting a car when I can at time so this will just help me to safe toward my goal also making sure my car stay in tack as I’m a very clean and humble dude…I would just love been the first car from Japan winner of my beautiful country jamaica the Lord see an know my heart is loving and caring an would love for this to be me to start my 2016 happy…..seeing this competition online brought joy and happiness to my life as I started to read more of this and filling out the forms with my details I ask myself and the Lord as I whisper I said is this my lucky date to start my new years on another level would this by my time to smile and cry of joy of winning something for the first time in my life I mean me giving the change of carfrom Japan and been one of you guys candidate I will try and do all my utmost best and making it worth it been the winner where I know my mom would be really happy of knowing the kind hearted person I am always making others happy and ok and putting them first where she won’t have to walk from work anymore or thinking how she would reach home and me telling all my friends about how you guys made this possible for me to be feeling happy and washing my own ride and making it my new baby in my life I wanna say this is the best thing I ever come across its better than money it self I believe in life you don’t always need money to be happy but once you got something in life that means a lot to that’s what counts.

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