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Ngambo Samutela from Zambia message

Ngambo Samutela from Zambia message
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Hello car from japan. I very exited and optimistic about this competition, because I believe that I am going to win first prize Japanese used car from car from japan. I believe, because I want to be Zambia’s first winner of ‘car from japan’.
You should pick me as your winner because most importantly, it is a dream of mine to own my very own car, secondly because I love cars and thirdly but not the least, I am a hardworking woman who strives hard to make ends meet in this very difficult economy of Zambia. Prices are going up every day and its hard to get a brand new Vehicle. Car from japan will make it possible for me to own a car. It would mean a lot to me and my family if car from japan picked me for first prize.
It is an amazing opportunity to have to enter this competition, as now I know that I have a chance to have my own vehicle, from japan, as Japanese cars are the best cars in the whole world, they are strong, reliable and easy to find spare parts.
I must tell you, my favorite Japanese car is the Toyota belta, preferred color would be white, black or silver and red and, velvet exterior I have been dreaming of this car for a long time, making plans of how I can save a little bit of money so I can buy this car. But unfortunately I have been unable to because of luck of financial resources. Like any other person who has entered this competition and whose big dream is to win the first prize, I must say, i am not special or anything, I am just a girl whose asking you in the most humble way, look upon me, oh car from japan, would you make this dream of mine come true, this prize is very important to me, you are my only hope of owning a vehicle please be my santa, my father Christmas. I will tell my tales of how I win this car to everyone, everyday, I will sing songs of how and what a wonder gift you have presented……..
Car from japan, I have never won anything in my life, this will be a great opportunity for me and my family. You should also pick me because it would also be a great opportunity for car from japan to advertise here in Zambia, to reach out to the population that are unaware of your goods and services, and reliable products as compared to other competitors. So that people can also appreciated the good quality vehicle that come from japan, while understanding that you are a business, your aim is to make profits but most importantly meeting your customer needs and satisfaction.
Car from japan, as you are aware, Zambia buys the mostly Japanese used cars as most of the population here can not afford brand new vehicle, you can expand your business further here in Zambia as the vehicle market is quite big.
I must end here, but I pray that you hear me out, consider my entry, do not pass me by…..I believe that you will make me your winner. Thank you once again for this opportunity. CAR FROM JAPAN, YOU ARE THE BEST AND I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COMPLEMENTS OF THE SEASON.

Yours Forever Faithfully,
Your first prize winner!!!

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